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Trekking is an interesting walking holidays; adventurous journey to discover the diversity of nature and culture by foot on hills or High Mountain areas is called trekking where is not accessible by modern transportation. In these modern times, we have got into a hectic lifestyle where time is always scarce. We have to manage time between our professional and personal activities and hence the need for relaxing and distressing is felt. Travel has always been a best option to relax and offers a fantastic break from the daily routine. One activity which is a perfect option for all the adventure freaks is none other than trekking in Dharamshala.

For the adventure freaks and trek enthusiasts, Himalayas and Himalayan foot hills are the haven one can explore natural, cultural and geographic diversity. Those who are adventurous go for trekking in very risky mountainous areas. Backpackers get the opportunity to acquire immense knowledge from their experiences in the mountainous areas as well as the remote villages. People go for trekking for a few days or even for a few months. Normally, the backpackers walk for 4 – 6 hours daily during their trekking program.

We provide these trekking services

Tea garden trek Via Kandi to village (7 am – 9 am)Aghanzar Mahadev temple trek (7 am – 11 am)Triund & Ilaka trek (6 am – 6 pm)


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